Cloud-based security provides the next level of security available with on-premises systems. The difference is that instead of purchasing and maintaining costly on-site or virtual servers, cloud-based access control provides a highly scalable, flexible, and inexpensive option. With cloud-based access control, you can set up rules to deny certain users from specific websites or computers based on their usage of application software, settings, or credentials. You can also set up policies to limit the time a user has to connect to the internet or to the cloud or to a particular network.

How Cloud Based Access Control Can Benefit Your Business

Cloud Based Access Control  is a great solution for companies that currently don't have their own in house built in network security. With a cloud-based access controlsystem, you will not have to spend thousands of dollars on internal consultants to install and maintain your firewall or network security. Cloud-based security measures are ideal for many reasons, not the least of which is cost efficiency. Cloud-based access control is the best solution for businesses looking for the most security without the high costs that are usually associated with internal Network Security System maintenance and implementation.

You can ensure that your company's data is secure by implementing cloud based access control systems today. You will save thousands of dollars over time, while improving security and reducing your overall maintenance costs. Many businesses struggle with how to best protect their data from unauthorized users, but the best solutions provide the maximum level of security while still saving the most money. Your security team should consist of experts in the latest technology, not people who have never worked a network before.

In this article, we will look at some of the ways a cloud based security system can help your business. Perhaps one of the most common applications is a remote unlock feature for smart phones. A cloud-based system such as Venucide will provide you with a hosted application that is capable of allowing users to enter a code into their phone to unlock their phones. This remote unlocking feature will allow you to protect your corporate data from unauthorized use.

With a cloud-based access control system, you will never need to worry about losing access to sensitive corporate data. When you implement a cloud-based system, you can easily grant access to a certain user and block others. You will also be able to determine which user has unlocked the door, as well as which ones have not. This feature will help you easily monitor employee usage.

Additional uses for cloud based access control systems are things like smart card access. This makes it very easy to implement in your office environment. You will never need to worry about having to store card access information in offline servers or other such hardware. The cloud will provide you with a secure, cloud-based application that will automatically synchronize all authorized user information across all of your devices.

Another great feature of cloud based access control is its ability to use multi-user access. A cloud-based system will allow you to establish a secured access point with multiple users. Rather than having to install multiple apps on each admin machine, you can configure one centralized admin account that will allow you to have access to everything on all of your machines. You can then configure the access to various users via their private URL's. This makes implementing multiple admin levels much easier.